We accompany and lead tours into the bush to places that are normally not accessible to the average tourist and this usually requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle especially in the rainy season. Have you ever wondered where the adventurous locals that prefer off the beaten track go well that's us. We personally arrange and accompany tours on Safaris. Our first love is the bush and nature. A brief explanation of the mobile guided camping safaris is ; the client and his party drive a fully equipped 4 wheel drive camping vehicle and they have radio communication with our vehicle which leads. The trips are fully catered so all you do is bring your personal effects and the vehicle will be waiting for you.  You do not need to have any off road driving experience as we will provide you all the help you need and at the end of the trip you will be proficient.  We really enjoy photography so can give you assistance if required. The camping option allows us to visit places that you cannot get to if we stay in lodges.  The lodge trips are a little more luxurious and you can also self drive your own 4 wheel drive vehicle.


Mobile Tented Safaris with Guide

Your own guide and team accompany you on a personal bush experience. We can also tailor make a tour to suit your specific interests and requirements. Stay in mobile tented camps and explore the wilderness on an open 4x4 vehicle or cruise through the channels of the delta in a small boat or mokorro getting close and personal with the locals.  The advice we offer is specific to the country and area you would like to visit. Botswana is all about the wildlife experience, while Zimbabwe offers Hwange and Mana Pools, which abundant wildlife and other attractions like the Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe ruins as well as the Motopo Hills. Namibia is picturesque with desert vistas and giant sand dunes with incredible natural beauty . It also has great wildlife areas like Etosha Game Reserve as well as Khaudum and the Waterberg Game reserve areas. We operate mainly in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. 

Self Drive Guided Camping Safari

Drive your own vehicle and experience an adventure of a lifetime. You will be led by a fully equipped vehicle and team. We have radio communication between the vehicles and assist you where necessary every step of the way. Camping in the wild with no fences it does not get much better than this. We cook over fires and carry all of our food. This is as close as you can get to experiencing the bush and nature in its raw form. There are no waiters or room service , just the natural wild, usually elephant, hyena , lion, leopard , who knows in the camp at night . Have a look at our facebook page photos of trips to get a true understanding of the experience.    Facebook page

How it all works

Come with across the desert and up dry riverbeds looking for desert elephant and lion. We can tailor this trip to suit your requirements.
Botswana / Namibia – we meet at Twee Rivieren entrance gate to the Transfrontier park Kgalagadi. We travel through the park, staying at one of the lovely camps in the park.
Experience the shear vast beauty of the Kalahari. Explore the wilderness of the Okavango Delta, Moremi and Chobe game reserves.
Drive around the Okavango in your own vehicle with a guide vehicle leading you, take a boat trip into the delta, camp on an island, drive the Caprivi and do sundowner cruises on the river.
Your guided trip to explore the Kgalagadi / Mabuasehube will leave you wanting more. It is difficult to explain the beauty of the Kgalagadi.
We meet in Botswana at Khama Rhino sanctuary game reserve. You will have phone no’s for us and detailed directions how to get there.
Our next planned trip leaves middle July 2019. We are dividing the trip into 2 parts. The first from Punda to Hwangwe finishing at Vic Falls and the next from Vic Falls to Mana Pools. This trip entails a fair amount of offroad driving. On this particular trip we do not spend very long in each park and ideally we should spend more time but with the distances there are time constraints and we have attempted to give you a very good exposure to what Zimbabwe has to offer.
We meet at Khama Rhino sanctuary and book into our camp site, all of our meals will be around a camp fire where we cook and relax.