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September 20, 2013
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October 6, 2013

Chobe National Park

IMAGINE…seeing more than 500 elephants, thousands of buffalo and countless other species on a single safari drive or river cruise! Welcome to Botswana’s legendary Chobe National Park, simply the finest big-game viewing on the planet in the prime season (May – November).

Chobe is indisputably one of the most wildlife-rich countries in Africa and the massive 11,700 sq kms Chobe wilderness is home to the largest elephant herds, estimated at about 45,000. Its uniqueness is magnified by the added dimension of the water – a safari cruise, with far-away vistas over the pristine floodplains, is an enriching experience that puts you in total harmony with nature and close to the hippos and crocodiles as well as affording ringside seats for the many animals along the shoreline.

albida3This is one of Africa’s flagship parks by any measure – offering not only huge herds of elephants, buffalo and zebra but also the lion prides that follow and hunt them as well as more than 100 other species of mammal. The birdlife is also prolific with more than 450 species recorded, including the majestic fish-eagle with its haunting cry.


Understanding the migration patterns of the Chobe – determined by the rain and available food – is key to the best game viewing. The big herds head to the Kalahari open plains during the wet months (December – April) and gradually return to the permanent and life-line waters of the Chobe River between May and November.

Chobe is a mere 100 kms west of Victoria Falls and this ease-of-access provides an enticing dual-destination opportunity that links “Wildlife & Wonders.” Victoria Falls is acclaimed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the adventure capital of Africa. Chobe is one of Africa’s flagship parks. Together they ensure the most enchanting experience of authentic, unspoiled Africa imaginable.

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