Botswana Safari
Khama rhino sanctuary to Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

12 Day trip in Botswana from Khama Rhino sanctuary to Central Kalahari game reserve.

This trip starts at Khama spending 2 nights there and then departs for Makgadigadi Game reserve where we spend 2 nights and then into Central Kalahari game reserve where we spend the next 6 nights exploring the pans and the semi arid desert. From here we travel through the park leaving at Xade gate and either bush camp our last night or spend it near Kang.

Khama rhino sanctuary was created to provide a sanctuary for rhino and both black and white can be viewed in their natural habitat. It is a big area and has recently been enlarged. There are several pans and waterholes and large numbers of rhino can often be seen in “crashes” at these spots.

Makgadigadi game reserve is accessed by crossing the Boteti river either by ferry or by water crossing. This reserve has the Boteti as it’s boundry for some distance and at the right time of the year you can view the migration. Lots of bird life always along the river.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve- a huge empty desolate area that is full of animals and natural vegetation. This is one of our favorite areas and can be very exciting. We have experienced lion in our camp sites here , leopard, hyena and the list goes on. The camp sites are located on the edge of large pans and consist of a structure where you can shower and a long drop toilet. There is usually no water at any of the camp sites and everything must be taken in with us and removed as well. The herds of oryx, wildebeest, red hartebeest, springbok etc on the pan are spectacular. This is survival and a fascinating study of how animals can adapt to semi arid areas with very little water. We will tell you all about it.