We have done several trips since our last report .
This trip was a last minute decision where we needed to relax by ourselves in the bush for a bit.
We went up on the Tankwa Karoo road to Calvinia and then Upington and the park . A short trip of about 1200 km’s. It is a long trip in a defender unless you break the journey.
Once in the park we drove up to Gnu Gnu campsite where we spent 2 nights. Our first full day we just slept, eat, relaxed and read all day. We always have a wonderful experience here with a steenbok that visits us and spends hours walking around and through the camp. This is the only place where we have experienced this as they are usually very skittish and stay away from man.
From here we went to Swartpan campsite and camped here for 4 nights. For the entire time we camped at Gnu Gnu and Swartpan we never saw another person or vehicle. Our days were spent visiting the meercat colony , collecting water, visiting the other waterhole on the other side of the pan , visiting the bat eared foxes that were foraging on the pan, watching the vultures come down to drink and keeping track of the springbok as they grazed around the pan in a continuous circular motion.
On our third night there the lion paid a visit to the waterhole and let us know with a duo roaring as if they were next to the tent. Early the next morning we went to track them and found they had settled down some distance from the track but quite close to our camp.  We heard nothing for the rest of the day and they only vocalised in the early hours and then walked off. They were 2 males and my guess is they were doing a territorial walk.
From Swartpan we spent our next night back at Gnu Gnu and were visited by a pack of 7 Spotted Hyena. We were woken up by them trying to climb onto the car to get to the rubbish bag. Looking out of the window we were quite glad that we were inside as these guys meant business and were on the hunt. After a bit of shouting they moved back but continued to check around the camp and then without a sound formed into a tight group and ran off together a a speed that is totally unexpected. We only heard a few calls a little later and then nothing.

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We have done several trips since our last report . This trip was a last minute decision where we needed to relax by ourselves in the […]
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