Game park trip from Gonarazhou to Mana Pools.
We start this trip in South Africa and travel through the Kruger National Park and leaving through Pafuri gate for a brief visit to Mozambique. We travel through Mozambique and across the Limpopo river for a couple of hours before exiting into Zimbabwe and Gonarezhou game park. We travel up through the park and across to the Zimbabwe ruins. This is worth a full day to take in this historical civilisation. From here we head up to Matopos game park with it’s incredible scenery. Probably the most scenic park in Zimbabwe. We spend the night here and then head off to Hwange game reserve for a 2 night visit. Exiting the park at the top we head off to Matusadona game reserve where we camp next to Kariba dam providing they have not had excessive rain as the entrance road is susceptible to disappearing. From here we make our way to the ferry at Mlibizi where we board the ferry and overnight on our way to Kariba. We disembark at Kariba where we make our way to Mana Pools camping on the edge of the Zambezi River. Here you can try your hand at fishing as well.

Day 1. Meet at Hoesdpruit and drive to Kruger National Park
Day 2. Kruger National Park
Day 3. Gonarezhou
Day 4. Gonarezhou
Day 5. Gonarezhou
Day 6. Zimbabwe Ruins
Day 7. Zimbabwe Ruins
Day 8. Matopos
Day 9. Hwange
Day 10. Hwange
Day 11. Matusadona
Day 12. Matusadona
Day 13. Mlibizi- ferry
Day 14. Ferry Kariba
Day 15. Mana Pools
Day 16. Mana Pools
Day 17 Mana Pools

Cost  :   R45 000 per person for full trip. Pro rata if only half the trip etc. Fully catered but clients are requested to assist with food preparation and washing up.

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