Come an join us on this trip. We will try and find the elusive desert elephants in stunning dry river beds. Khaudum is one of our favorite places to visit. Not many people venture to this park because of the deep sand. Here we have seen  rare and interesting animals like the Roan antelope and the Sable. We spend time sitting at water holes watching the animals especially the hundreds of elephants that live in Khaudum. We will stay 2 nights at each camp, one in the south and another in the north, both offering different attractions.

Etsoha is a little more civilized but the game viewing is also fantastic. We will drive from one side of Etosha to the other side spending 2 nights in the camps.

Then it is a very interesting drive through and in river beds to get to Puros, where the amazing desert elephants are, here we will spend a couple of nights, and during the day we will drive through canyons and river beds spotting the game. This can be quite demanding 4×4 driving but that is why we have back up vehicles and tow ropes.

After Puros we  head to Twyfelfontin where we will camp for the night, If they have had rains and there is water in the river beds, our chances of seeing the elephants here is very good, but this is also an area for wildlife and rock art.

Then finally we drive back tow Windhoek where we say our goodbyes.

Day 1. Meet at Windhoek
Day 2. Drive to Khaudum
Day 3. Khaudum
Day 4. Khaudum
Day 5. Etosha
Day 6. Etosha
Day 7.
Day 8. Puros
Day 9. Puros
Day 10. Puros
Day 11. Twyfelfontein
Day 12. Windhoek finish