Escorted Self Drive

Escorted Guided self drive safari

The most exciting holiday you will ever have. We talk about it as an adventure and not really a holiday, you usually need a few days to recover when you go back to “civilisation”. It is difficult to describe the feeling of absolute freedom when you join one of our adventures. How can you explain the surge of excitement when you hear a lion grunting and roaring and knowing it is on it’s way to your camp. The sound of elephant breaking branches and pushing over trees and you know the only thing between you and them is a thin canvas tent. Looking at the track ahead and thinking there is no way a car can drive through that and the sense of elation when you look back and think “Wow” I did that. If this is not for you then rather choose another option but don’t be put off by age. Our oldest client so far was in his 80’s and had never done a trip like this before.  If you prefer to travel private ie  on your own or with a small group we will design a tour to suit your specific requirements or you can join a pre arranged tour.
Many of our clients prefer it this way and have specific requirements eg they are interested in photography or animal behaviour etc.
Camping is not a requirement as we can source other accommodation sometimes in the form of luxury tents or chalets etc. it is up to the client. Camping provides a flexibility and the opportunity to live in the bush with the animals so the adventure continues through the night. The downside is not having the facilities on offer.(normally a walk to the ablutions )
We can provide meals and although simple but tasty and cooked over an open fire you will eat like kings.
There are certain areas that are not accessible if you elect not to camp. A popular alternative is to camp for 3 nights and then spend one in a chalet or bungalow for example.
An escorted tour is a tour led by someone in their own vehicle who knows the area and will assist in the event of you getting stuck etc., cook for you, and just generally ensure you are looked after.
Our job is to assist you every step of the way. ie planning the trip that suits you, advising re vehicle hire, what clothes to bring, food requirements, meeting you at the airport or border post, helping change currency, showing you the best places to shop and sometimes the only places to shop, advising and training on driving a 4×4. The list goes on but I am sure you get the picture.
A guided tour is one led by a registered Botswana guide and they can drive you around in their open safari vehicle.