Kgalagadi (Mabuasehube) trip. incl a private exclusive wilderness trip


We meet you at Molopo lodge which is not far from the Twee Rivieren gate. After checking in at the gate we stop at the camp, where they have a lovely shop and replenish anything that has been forgotten. Our first night will be spent at Rooiputs camp. These camp sites consist of an A frame shelter and there is a pit toilet and water at the shower. This camp is un fenced as are all the camps on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi.


Today we drive up to Nossop, along the dry Nossop river bed. The road here could be very corrugated. There a 2 picnic sites where we will stop to having something to eat. We have seen lion, cheetah and leopard along this road. We spend the night at Nossop or Polentswa. Nossop is a SANPARKS camp site, so it is fenced and have abulutions. Polentswa is on the Botswana side, and the site has an A frame and as per above.

DAY 3 to Day 5

We make out way to Mabuasuhebe driving along the wildeness trail. The driver is very scenic and we will be driving over lots of sand dunes, which can be daunting, such fun. We will also be stopping on the way and will have a bush breakfast and later a lunch if anyone is hungry. We arrive at our campsite in the afternoon, and we will be spending 3 days here. Each day we will go out for a drive in the morning and again in the afternoon, visiting the different pans and the waterholes. These will be a relaxed 3 days or as we have found on a recent trip, 3 days of sharing the camp site with lion, who also wanted it.


We head back toward Nossop along the exclusive wilderness trail where we will overnight on the trail. There are no facilities on the trail, The scenery  is spectacular, we cross the endless sand dues back.


W e drive through to Nossop, re fuel and re stock, and we drive through to Polentswa and camp for the night.

DAY 8 to Day 10

Leave Polentswa along another wilderness trial which goes past the KAA gate. On this trail we have seen honey badges, and brown hyena as well as the spotted hyena.  We have 2 overnight stops on this trail and there are also no facilities. There is no pressure over these 2 days to cover the distances need, so we will once again stop and have meals or talk about interesting plants or animals we see along the way.

The trail ends at Nossop, where we spend our last night together.
Twee Rivieren meet and drive to Rooiputs
Mabuasuhebe for about 3 nights
Wilderness trail (1 night)
Wilderness trail past Kaa (2 Nights)
Finish at Nossob
Tour ends

This is an arid trip but great for lion, cheetah, leopard and raptors

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