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Khaudum and Mamili

Kaokaland is on every 4×4 enthusiast’s bucket list. Due to the rocky roads and sharp rocks, we recommend 2 spare tyres and a repair kit. Luckily, our 4×4 partners are pretty kitted up and can easily assist you here, and we have done this plenty of times before! Driving down the dry river beds, we have come across desert elephants and giraffes. These animals have adapted to the desert conditions and include the desert lion.

The scenery around Koakaland is mind-blowing. It takes a very skilled photographer to capture the enormous expanse of this area, and dramatic landscapes. Kaokaland pretty much comprises of extreme mountains, hills, desert and, well, nothing.

Driving along a dirt road, where road signs are characterized by different coloured drums place in the middle of  seemingly nowhere

Koakaland is where we enter the home of the Himba people. As the Himba people are nomadic, we often come across deserted villages where the Himba have left for “green pastures”.

Driving through Koakaland we will come across stone men sculptures which are placed all over. This is the story of the Lone Men of Namibia. The mysterious unnamed artist continues to create new works, distributing the pieces all over the area. Each figure has an aluminum disc attached to it, with a number and a message as to where it is going. We don’t know how many we have seen, but we know we have not found them all. They are dotted all over Kaokoland, and a lot of people have made it their mission to try and find them all.

Khaudum National Park is situated outside the Caprivi strip in the top North East Kavango region. We will need to go through very deep sand tracks to access the Park. We always recommend that you travel in convoy of at least 2 vehicles because the roads are off the beaten and track and a little tricky. 

The two main camping areas in Khaudum National Park have been privatized. The Park is extremely wild and you will need to be self-sufficient when visiting, a 4×4 vehicle and sufficient storage space is recommended. The Park is also very well known for its rather, ill-tempered elephants. We have also come across a number of Roan and some Sable antelope in the Park as well as Oryx, giraffe, springbok and impala and warthog to name a few animals. Khaudum is not really known for its predators but there are a few lion a little further up North. 

We leave the vehicle when we visit the hides which are situated by the waterholes. A few of these hides are in pretty bad condition, but it is still a wonderful experience. We often spend hours at the waterholes watching the wildlife come and go. There are also over 320 species of birds.

While we love Khaudum National Park, we would not recommend it for anyone that is not a competent 4 wheel off-road driver and the vehicle should be kitted. We also require that you need to be self-sufficient because you will not find shops anywhere in the park.