Botswana Tours


Duration: 10 Days 

Cost:        US$ 180 per person per day                                                                 excl. vehicle US$ 180 per day

Itinerary:  Maun to Kasane via Moremi (Okavango), Khwai and Chobe

Accommodation: Fully equipped 4×4 camper van

Brief Description: Camping in the Okavango with no barriers between you and the animals. 


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Duration: 14 Days

Cost: US$ 180 per person per day and US$180 per vehicle per day

Itinerary: Maun , Central Kalahari, Makgadgadi, Nxai, Moremi, Khwai, Chobe, Kasane

Accommodation: Fully equipped 4×4 camper van

Brief Description: This trip covers most of the diverse game reserves in Botswana incl. the Okavango, semi arid desert areas and salt pans.


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Information on Botswana

Botswana is not a cheap travel destination but it is worth every penny to be able to explore and see animals in their natural habitat with minimal interference by man. This is not an experience you can expect in most of the other destinaions. Guided self drive camping will cost approx. US$ 350 per person per day and the vehicle another US$150 per day

Some ideas of where we like to travel to :
Nxai Pan A huge flat area with some waterholes. Lovely photo oppotunities at the waterholes when the animals come to drink.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve This massive arid game reserve with scattered waterholes is a wilderness area of note. We often have predators in the camp sites

Makgadigadi Game Reserve This reserve opens onto the Makgadigadi salt pans and forms part of the annual migration. It has a large river on the one boundry which attracts large amounts of animals and birdlife

Makgadigadi Salt Pans with Kubu island

Moremi ( Okavango ) This area is the famous Okavango and needs no introduction

Chobe Game Reserve – this is in 2 sections . There is a Chobe riverfront area and then a more arid area linking this area to Moremi ( very simplistic explanation ) Savuti is in the second area.

Khwai which is a community area bordering Moremi and Chobe and is unfenced into Moremi and Chobe resulting in fantastic animal sightings

Okavango Panhandle where the Okavango begins and the river flows into the Okavango (especially if you like to tiger fish)

Tsodilo Hills which is an area of hills on the West of the Okavango Panhandle covered in rock art